Turkish Canadian Chamber of Commerce Management

S.G. Ileman-President

Turkish Canadian Chamber of Commerce President Ileman spent some of the early years of his life attending private schools in Turkey where he acquired a strong knowledge of the Turkish language and culture. First recruited by a federal government agency in 1993 for his language skills, he’s a professional Turkish-English translator and interpreter with international clients, and a consultant on Turkish affairs. As a pioneer of Asia trade he organised the first export trade missions to Taiwan when Canada hadn’t yet resumed its trade relations with that country. He has extensive experience in international trade, contract manufacturing, travel and tourism, wholesale distribution, services management, and marketing. As his company’s legal administrator he’s acquired a substantial first-hand knowledge of Canada’s legal system. He’s a cross-cultural mediator and a consultant to the legal profession. Has a degree in public administration.

A. Kösetorunu-Coordinator for Turkey (Ankara)

Having spent more than 30 years as a Trade Commissioner for Canada in Turkey, few people know about business opportunities between the two countries better than Mr. Kösetorunu. A graduate of the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Kösetorunu also held teaching positions at Turkish universities.

C. Aydogan-Vice President

Aydogan spent many years in Turkish banking before retiring as a high-ranking official of the Turkish Central Bank. An Economics graduate, he brings to the Chamber extensive knowledge of the Turkish financial system. He’s a patron of the arts and paints for a hobby.

H. Sumerman- Transportation & Shipping Advisor

Kadioglu spent some of his childhood in Japan where he learned to speak and write Japanese fluently.  After many years in the Turkish Foreign Service he decided to settle in Canada where he became an expert in valuating commercial real estate. He has a master’s degree in business administration.

J.L. Cowan-Director of Members’ Services

Cowan spent over 30 years in flight operations and customer service for a major airline and got hooked on Turkey when he visited the country some 15 years ago. He’s an avid traveler who has traversed all continents and a truly multicultural Canadian whose enthusiasm for networking is contagious. He’s a patron of the arts and paints for a hobby.


R. Ling-Coordinator for Taiwan (Taipei)

L. Huang-Coordinator for China (Beijing)