In cooperation with specialists in Canada and Turkey, the Turkish Canadian Chamber of Commerce offers a number of professional services to Canadian and Turkish businesses and individuals in support of their objectives. Some of these services are part of membership benefits while others are billable services rendered by Chamber staff or third parties.

Consultation and Counseling

General consultation is a benefit for business members. Depending on the type of membership Chamber will do its best to respond to all member questions and inquiries to the best of its ability and knowledge, or refer the member to an expert as the case may be. For details please refer to the Membership section.

Lawyer Referral Service

As part of business membership benefits and upon an initial evaluation of member’s issues and objectives, the Chamber will refer members to the most suitable lawyers, legal firms or other professionals in its database in Turkey or Canada, as the case may be. Priority will be given to members.

Promotional Services

Depending on the type of membership the Chamber promotes its members’ business interests as effectively as possible on its bilingual web site, and proactively seeks to make connections between members and prospects.

Travel and Entertainment Discounts

The Chamber continuously seeks special discounts for its members from providers of travel and hospitality services in major metropolitan centres in Canada and Turkey. The Chamber does not sell travel or get involved in any transaction, and passes on the benefits offered by vendors on a referral basis only.

Paid Services:

High Quality Translation and Interpretation Services

With its highly qualified staff of translators and interpreters, the Chamber offers an exceptional quality of Turkish to English and English to Turkish linguistic services that are not available elsewhere. Conference and telephonic interpretation services by experienced linguists is available upon demand from coast to coast. While corporate and premium members receive some linguistic services, members enjoy special rates on linguistic services.

Language assistance for preparation of government and institutional applications

For members that opt to file their own forms or applications the Chamber can provide language assistance.

Executive Language Seminars and Tutoring

If you’re an English speaker traveling to Turkey on business, a few key words and expressions in Turkish and an orientation on cultural norms can open a few doors or mean the difference between success and failure. If your company is transferring employees, a short seminar on language and culture may ensure a positive start-up in Turkey. From a one-day crash course to a weeks-long seminar we can customize a language-culture program to fit members’ requirements. Depends on time and availability.

Business negotiation and mediation

If you’re simply negotiating a sale contract, a legal issue, or laying the groundwork for a mega project, a Chamber executive with business experience and an excellent command of both languages can be a real asset. Premium members receive some services as a membership benefit. The Chamber can also assume an active role in mediating commercial disputes.

Information Research, Analysis, Special Reports

Market Research and Feasibility Studies