Turkish Translation

Turkish to English English to Turkish Translation

We offer the highest quality Turkish Translation services in North America. If your business with Turkey is important, you should not settle for any less than excellence.

Beware of Software Translation

While some European languages may lend themselves to passable software translation, Turkish isn’t one of them. Since Turkish has an entirely different syntax and grammar structure, language software often produces ludicrous results and even reverse meaning in Turkish to English and English to Turkish translations.

We Have Our Own Experienced Translators

Another important consideration for your Turkish translation project should be to beware of some language agencies that offer translation services for multiple languages. There are very few agencies that have their own in-house translators let alone qualified staff or sub-contractors for Turkish translations.

Most Language Agencies Outsource To Lowest Bidders Offshore

While some agencies screen their contractors for language skills, most multi-language companies outsource projects to the lowest bidders. Lowest bidder doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re getting a good value or a bargain. It often means that the language agency maximizes its profit while you pay at the market rates for a poor translation. A language agency that doesn’t have any Turkish speakers on staff, and very few of them do, doesn’t have any means of checking your translation for correctness and accuracy. Your important Turkish translation project may be in the hands of an unqualified offshore translator aided by translation software. This is why we often get called upon to correct bad translations such as company manuals, contracts and important court documents.

Here are a few of the reasons why you may want to choose the Turkish Canadian Chamber of Commerce for your Turkish translations:

  • Turkish language is an area of our expertise
  • Turkish to English and English to Turkish translation is our only translation business
  • We do not outsource Turkish translation projects
  • Our translators have extensive experience and excellent command of both English and Turkish
  • We do not use translation software or machines
  • We translate meaning, not convert words
  • We check and double-check all our work for accuracy
  • Our rates are competitive and reasonable
  • We stand behind our work

If you have an important Turkish translation project please contact us for a quote.